How to Live Like an Entrepreneur

July 25, 2014

Image of the young entrepreneurs team

There’s a revolution brewing beneath the surface of the working world. “Career tracks” as we know them are slowly disappearing, giving way to the age of the entrepreneur.

Finding Inspiration Through Budding Business Owners

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to participate as a mentor in the Young Entrepreneur Challenge. This entrepreneur camp brought together high school students from around the globe.

I had the pleasure of coaching a group of 8 awesome students from India, China, Korea, Argentina and the United States for a week-long intensive on how to create a business.

For 6 days I slept in a twin bed in a Boston University dorm room and worked with my group for 12 hours a day! These students were committed and motivated to learn. It was amazing to watch them transform their thoughts and expectations of the future, and realize that living a life they love is within their reach.  They were a true inspiration to me.

Redefining the Entrepreneur Title

This experience highlights the fact that entrepreneurship goes so far beyond business — and that the term entrepreneur itself demands attention.

Long a buzzword at my Alma Mater, Babson College, entrepreneurship is not necessarily about creating a company… it’s an energy inside you that provides access to realizing your passion, making an impact on the world and living life on purpose.

Being creative, rolling with the punches and making decisions confidentially and quickly are all traits of an entrepreneurial mindset. The students learned to take an idea and make it a reality, no matter what obstacles were thrown in their way.

Are You Living Like an Entrepreneur?

How about you? What would it take for you to live the life of your dreams?

It’s never too late to create something incredible. Simply focus on those things that you can control, as that provides you with the power to take action. From there it’s all about being intentional and taking the actions that can produce the results you want in your life.

Do you have any thoughts or questions about how to bring entrepreneurship into your life? I’d love to hear them!

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