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You know how to save money; you don't need financial advice for that. What you need are real strategies to maximize your net worth.

Most of the people I work with are in this same boat: when we started working together, they needed expert, objective, and independent financial advice from someone who deeply understood their particular needs as professionals with high-powered careers, tons of opportunity, and an increasingly complicated financial situation.

Advice to "save money" works great when you're starting out. But when you're succeeding, earning a good income, and actually have a bank account with more cash than you know what to do with? That's when you need advanced strategies to put that money to work.


This is exactly why I wrote my ebook, Going Beyond Simple Money.

I think about the best strategies for very specific and complex situations all the time. I have these conversations constantly, and I’m always researching and considering the best way for my clients to create and grow wealth, how to take advantage of stock options in a way that makes sense, what the best tax moves are from an investment standpoint, what true investment diversification looks like.

I wanted to take the strategies and conversations that come up over and over and over again with some of my high-earning clients who are on their way to wealth, and offer them to you, for free. In Going Beyond Simple Money, you'll find strategies and advice on:


  • Know how much risk you should take with your portfolio
  • Understand how much cash in your bank account is enough -- and how much is too much, which could jeopardize your ability to grow wealth
  • Evaluate your options to continue funding your tax-advantaged Roth IRA (even if you make over the income limit)


  • Check if you're overexposed to your company stock through your equity compensation (and know why that's potentially dangerous)
  • Consider if you have too much in your 401(k) -- especially if you have a desire to retire before you hit 60 years old


  • Understand why sweating the small stuff, such as what investment accounts you use and where you put your dollars over time, can make or break your chances at optimizing your financial life
  • Know when it does (and doesn't) make sense to opt for tax-deferred savings
  • Make a plan for future unforeseen changes to the current tax code

Break Through the Noise with Straight Answers from a Pro

You could keep relying on misinformation from bloggers and your coworkers. Or you could get real advice.

When you make smart decisions with your money today, you can position yourself to reap the benefits that come with investing wisely and mindfully choosing the best path toward your goals every step along the way.

But mistakes you make along the way can cost you. And one of the most common errors I see people make is failing to deal with information overload.

It's wonderful that more and more people are starting to talk about money. But the more people talk, the more misinformation spreads. It's one thing to be able to access this info. But do you know how to filter through it?

Whether it comes from your colleagues, your friends, or your favorite blogger, plenty of well-intentioned people will give you their two cents on what you should do with your money. Good intentions, however, don't make up for a lack of professional training, education, and experience providing real, objective, fiduciary financial advice for hundreds of clients just like you.

If you want strategies from an expert, grab your free copy of Going Beyond Wealth today:

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