Financially Sound Program

You want an ongoing comprehensive wealth management system to help you plan, grow your assets, and achieve your goals - while still using your money to enjoy life today.

QuickStart Financial Plan

You have a few questions you need addressed quickly. Get access to a financial advisor for a one-time consultation on a few of your most pressing financial concerns.

Financially Sound Program

Get Comprehensive Wealth Management with the Financially Sound Program

The Financially Sound program provides you with true wealth management, which combines financial planning and investment management strategies to give you control of your financial situation. By implementing a cohesive action plan, you can develop the financial means to create the life that you want to live, both today and tomorrow.

Through your ongoing relationship with a personal financial advisor, you'll receive:

  • Initial development of a financial strategy, including a custom-designed structure and a system to create the life you want while also ensuring that your money lasts as long as you need it to (whether that’s over your own lifetime or well beyond so you can leave a lasting legacy for children, family, or causes you care about)
  • Clarity on the details that matter most, including knowing your priorities, getting the right savings rate to ensure you can achieve what's most important to you, and developing an appropriate investment plan that allows you to grow wealth without taking on outsized risks
  • Evaluations of various options and scenarios, using long-term projections to see likely outcomes for each potential decision so you can make informed choices about what paths you want to pursue
  • Advanced planning projections to make sure you maximize every opportunity, and guard against potential risks — including tax planning and considerations, charitable giving strategies, advanced equity compensation or private investment strategies, and other areas that are about more than just the numbers (like moving to a new location, changing careers, starting a business, supporting aging parents, and so on)

This comprehensive wealth management program combines financial planning and investment management to give you a process and a framework for making smarter money decisions. It's these optimal decisions that allow you to create, grow, and keep more wealth.

Those who get the most from the program are high-achieving professionals with total household incomes of $250,000 or more, looking for a custom-designed strategy to organize their finances, prioritize their goals, and provide an action plan to develop and maximize assets.

Financially Sound Program clients receive plan implementation support and guidance over time, including:

  • Updated projections and analysis to keep you (and your wealth) moving toward what’s most important
  • Identification of future scenarios that align with your vision and offer the best chance to succeed
  • Reports and analysis that focus on cash flow, investments, and net worth so you’re aware of your progress
  • Continual monitoring for new opportunities to consider to optimize your financial life
  • Accountability and guidance on implementing your comprehensive plan over time
  • Communication with your advisor and the BYH team, both in scheduled sessions and between meetings with your advisor
  • Access to BYH's investment management program, for clients seeking a truly comprehensive wealth management solution

Investment Management

How the Investment Management System Works in the Financially Sound Program

Making the right investment decisions is critical to building wealth. Unfortunately, trying to manage your own investment portfolio can leave you second-guessing every decision, missing opportunities, and making mistakes you didn't even know you were making. More importantly, it just takes up a massive amount of your time.

That's where professional investment management comes in. The right investment management approach should help you develop and grow your assets for life, while freeing up time and energy you'd otherwise have to spend constantly thinking about your portfolio.

At BYH, our clients benefit from a rules-based investment system that uses a specific rationale and philosophy to reach success - not guesswork, speculation, or emotions. BYH investment management also provides ongoing support, review meetings, and professional guidance when things feel uncertain in the markets, or in life. We provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing a team of experts is on your side and has your back. We're here to implement your personalized investment strategy, manage the system, monitor for new opportunities to improve your results, and keep things on track so you can accomplish what you want with your wealth.

Don't waste your potential; you have the opportunity to create and grow your wealth, but you need to avoid the same mistakes the average investor makes. Get a professional investment strategy that runs off academic research and empirical evidence.

Professional Investment Management

  • Team of experts available to develop strategies and incorporate new research
  • Investment portfolio design tied to your risk tolerance and goals
  • Portfolio monitoring and periodic rebalancing
  • Globally diversified, tax efficient portfolios using low cost institutional investments when available
  • Ongoing investment education tailored to your knowledge and level of experience
  • Up-to-date performance reporting and periodic consolidated statements showing all accounts in one place

Superior Service & Experience

  • No minimum required to invest
  • Access to fee-only financial planners working as fiduciaries 100% of the time; you know your advisor always follows a legal and ethical standard that puts your best interests first, no matter what
  • Direct access to an investment manager who knows your goals
  • No more wasting time on hold with a busy call center
  • Online account access to your investments whenever you need it

Custom Strategies That Align with Your Life

  • Specific tax-loss harvesting approaches and tax-efficient portfolio models
  • Portfolios custom-built to match both your goals as well as your risk tolerance and capacity
  • Tailored advice for charitable giving through your investment portfolio
  • Consistent monitoring to keep your asset allocation aligned with your goals and needs

QuickStart Financial Plan

QuickStart Financial Plan Program

This program is designed for professionals who want financial support right now, through a one-time session with a financial planner. The QuickStart Program provides the opportunity to get answers to your most pressing questions and obtain a deeper understanding of your current finances.

We take a deep dive into the specifics of your situation, evaluate the various options you have and paths you could take, and run projections so we can see the impact of your decisions over the long-term. You’ll walk away with clarity on action steps to take next so you can confidently make further progress on your own. Here’s what else you receive with the QuickStart Program:

  • Initial help organizing your relevant financial information
  • Analyses and preliminary projections prepared before your scheduled meeting by your advisor and the BYH team (this means your meeting time is completely devoted to your planning needs, since we do this work beforehand)
  • A 2-hour conversation to dig deep with your financial advisor who will help create an action plan for you to use immediately
  • 2 weeks of email access after your session to answer any clarifying questions about what to do next to implement your new strategy