Financially Sound Program

You're ready to take a look at your entire financial picture, get organized and develop a practical system to help you afford the life you want to live now and in the future.

Investment Management

You know investments are an important part of a financial plan and you want an expert to help you choose the right portfolio and invest your money wisely.

QuickStart Financial Plan

You're looking for quick tips on a few key financial topics. You want answers, so you can make important decisions right now.

Financially Sound Program

Financially Sound Program

A true financial plan is not a one-time deliverable, but a process that helps you make well-informed, mindful decisions throughout life. This comprehensive financial planning service is designed to create a unique process to help you achieve your goals. The ideal candidates for this service are professionals with total household income of at least $250,000 who want a custom-designed strategy that organizes their finances, prioritizes their goals, and provides an action plan to create and grow wealth.

This ongoing program includes:

  • Initial development of a financial strategy (3 meetings)
  • Plan implementation support and adjustments through the first year (3 meetings)
  • Periodic meetings (2-3) each year thereafter to monitor, adjust and adapt your strategy as life evolves
  • Access to your financial planner between meetings as urgent and/or important questions arise

Have questions about getting started or how it works?

Comprehensive financial planning services can cover a number of topics, including financial questions, concerns, challenges, and opportunities. Here's some of what we can discuss and tackle together as we put you in a position to use money as a tool to live the life you want:

Income/Expense Planning

  • Does your income support your lifestyle?
  • Are you spending intelligently?
  • How much do you need for emergencies?

Goal Creation

  • What are your 12 month, 5, 10+ year goals?
  • Are you on track to achieve them?
  • Who holds you accountable for these goals?

Employee Benefits

  • Are you optimizing your benefits at work?
  • Should you use a health savings account?


  • Do you need life and/or disability insurance?
  • Does an umbrella policy make sense for you?


  • What does retirement mean to you?
  • How much money do you need to retire?


  • Are your investments performing adequately?
  • Is your strategy aligned with your goals?
  • Are you taking on too much risk? Not enough?


  • Do you enjoy your job? Why or why not?
  • Are there ways for you to adjust or change it?

Debt Management

  • How do you prioritize which debt to pay down first?
  • Should you be paying more or saving/investing?


  • Should you buy or continue to rent?
  • How do you determine your down payment?
  • When should you refinance your mortgage?

Education Planning

  • How much should you be saving for college?
  • Is a 529 Plan right for your situation?

Estate Planning

  • Are you protected should something happen?
  • What documents do you need in place now?

Tax Planning

  • Are you taking advantage of all tax savings opportunities?
  • Does tax deferral make sense for you?

You might still have questions about what exactly to expect from a relationship with a financial planner. We've got you covered with a detailed look at the organized process we use to help you move from, "I wonder if I'm doing everything right with my money?" to "I'm doing exactly what I need with my money to create the life I want."

Investment Management

Investment Management

The investment management program was built for busy professionals who know where their time is best spent -- and researching and managing investments is not it. There are so many options and making the right choices can be stressful. Plus, emotions tend to interfere with making sound judgements. Buying, selling, and rebalancing your portfolio can easily be pushed aside, leaving you with too much or too little risk, and an investment program that is not aligned with your financial plan.

This service includes:

Professional Investment Management

  • Investment portfolio design tied to your risk tolerance and goals
  • Portfolio monitoring and periodic rebalancing
  • Globally diversified, tax efficient portfolios using low cost institutional investments (when available)
  • Ongoing investment education tailored to your knowledge and level of experience

24-Hour Client Access

  • Online account access to your investments whenever you need it
  • Periodic consolidated statements showing all accounts in one place
  • Up-to-date performance reporting

Superior Customer Service

  • Direct access to an investment manager who knows your goals
  • No more wasting time on hold with a busy call center

This program is offered in tandem with the Financially Sound Program. There is no investment minimum. Clients investing $500,000 or more with Beyond Your Hammock will receive a discount on their Financially Sound Program fee. Together we can design a strategy that best suits your needs.

And because you're working with a fee-only financial planner who works as a fiduciary 100% of the time, you can enjoy added peace of mind to know that we follow a legal and ethical standard that puts your best interests first, no matter what.

QuickStart Financial Plan

QuickStart Financial Plan

This program is designed for professionals who are not ready for the Financially Sound Program, but still want financial support right now. We focus on 2-3 financial topics from this list to help you understand which actions to take next. In our 90-minute conversation, you’ll receive a deeper understanding of your financial situation and answers to your most pressing questions. You’ll walk away with a written plan that you can use as a blueprint to confidently make further progress on your own.

Here’s what you receive with the QuickStart plan:

  • Initial help organizing your relevant financial information
  • 90-minute conversation (phone, video or in person) to answer questions and strategize
  • 3-5 page summary and action plan to help you get on track
  • 2 weeks of email access after our meeting to answer any questions about the action plan