Start Using Outside the Box Financial Solutions to Reach Your Goals

April 27, 2015
Eric Roberge

Financial Solutions

Last month was a whirlwind of media exposure for Beyond Your Hammock. I discussed my unique financial planning process in USA Today, provided an interesting twist on Roth IRAs for MONEY Magazine, explained how to avoid financial disaster when starting a business in Entrepreneur Magazine, and commented on Millennials’ financial knowledge in Wealth Management.

If you’re wondering if I’m boasting, the answer is… okay, yes, a little. But mostly, I’m truly excited to have the opportunity to share these ideas, strategies, and tips with more people who can take my advice and get into action.

I’m also excited to see more media outlets looking for new and innovative ideas on common financial topics. I’m passionate about sharing ideas that encourage you to change your perspective and explore new options to not only help you expand your knowledge, but to also help you see things from different angles.

My mission is to empower and guide professionals to understand their finances and use money as a tool to live a life they love. This gives the people I work with — and the people I can reach through other channels, like the media — the ability to make the right financial (and life) decisions for themselves.

Have you struggled to find an answer to a financial problem? Do you think there might be an innovative solution out there that you just don’t know about?

Reach out and let’s chat about the details. The unique, outside the box financial solutions that allow you to think about and use your money differently featured in the above articles are available to you, too. We can work together to create a customized plan that reflects your specific challenges and goals.

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