3 Mistakes I Made When Leaving My Corporate Job

August 27, 2014

I’ve run into a few people this summer who are really excited about entrepreneurship. Here’s one that I heard several times:

Entrepreneurship is the new job security.

And I agree! After working for myself and creating my own business, I can’t imagine living in the stress of my corporate job. I feel much more secure and happy as an entrepreneur.

Think back a minute to 2008. Anyone who worked for a corporation during this recessionary period will agree that what might have seemed like a “stable” job, was only as stable as the company itself.

And although you can take actions that will help secure your job in such an environment, the truth is that the final decision is NEVER up to you.

That’s why it’s more important than ever before to think like an entrepreneur and seek out a career that you are truly passionate about… one that YOU own. Then it won’t feel like work, and, you may actually be in charge of your own career every single day.

That being said, entrepreneurship doesn’t come without challenges and potential pitfalls. The key to success when you get out on your own is to prepare before you make the leap.

If you’ve been thinking about changing your career and getting out of your corporate job, you’ll want to check out this video where I share the 3 biggest mistakes I made when I took the leap back in 2007.

Video of Eric Roberge, founder of Beyond Your Hammock

Click image to play video

I’ll be honest with you: when I first made the leap, I had no idea what I was doing. Because I lacked a plan, I paid for it emotionally and financially.want to make sure that you don’t make these same mistakes.

You can avoid these same mistakes if you’re ready to quit your corporate job and try your hand at entrepreneurship. By sharing my story, I hope you can benefit from my lessons learned.

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